about My Life Designs

The founders of My Life Designs, Mary and Adam, had a vision. Why not take all the great parts of big box store discounts and use them on a one-to-one scale with individual clients? Well, that’s what they set out to do, and they did it! My Life Designs is a creation of the love of art, colour, design, style, form and function, rolled into one personalized “just for you” design team. My Life Designs is here for you!

Our Service Menu:

Design Consultation

– Includes a course of input from both Adam and Mary. We will brainstorm until you say stop! If you are looking for help with paint, architectural changes, landscaping thoughts, or any design related ingredients, we are here for you!

Furniture Purchases

– À la carte – Pick and choose your price. Let us find the right look for your home, room, or accessories taste and we will customize a pride plan just for you. When you pick from this menu item, your Design Consultation is FREE!

Why choose us?

Hiring us at My Life Designs as your interior designers to redecorate your home has numerous benefits. The first reason is the most overlooked by novices; we know how to make the most of every single inch of space in your home. We know by instinct what will work, and what will not. Next, we can eliminate the stresses of putting the small parts of the puzzle together to create the larger picture. Lastly, don’t forget we are here for you. We will take your inspiration and thoughts and translate them into a new a beautiful room just for you!

Mary Messineo

Mary started out in the real estate field with a focus on the construction of homes. She would most often continue to help her clients after completion with the finishing of the home’s interior.

After working on her own for many years, she came to know North Carolina’s furniture industry and specialized on how to use her assets and skills to the maximum potential. Working within the private sector of the furniture world, she used her influence to get her clients the very best products, for less.

Now she has ventured out and started expanding her work to more personalized projects, working with clients on tight-niched scales. She is able to focus more on individual needs of each client and working with them to create a one-of-a-kind home.

Mary’s work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and can be seen in an episode of HGTV’s Extreme Homes, Episode: Cartoon, Cheateau, and Bottles.

Adam Norwood Hartley

With over a decade of design experience, Adam has loved to work with interior and exterior spaces, even before college. He graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Technologies, focused on Interior Design and Merchandising. He has had extensive training in bathroom and kitchen design & cabinetry, residential & commercial design, and accessories & decor.

Adam uses many tools to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, technologies, and facets of design. He is very digitally connected and can work quickly with design programs and applications. He loves the outdoors, and thinks it is very important to have natural elements balanced by industrial & traditional aspects within design.

Some of Adam’s work was highlighted in Better Homes and Gardens and with East Magazine (East Carolina University).


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our vision


Higher quality for less: We believe in finding the best, at the best possible price. We can work with almost any budget. Give us a try!


Late nights, long days, either way we are here for you. We won’t stop helping until the job is complete. We are going to be here for you from the beginning until the last item is placed and beyond — in case you have more questions after installation!


We will never do a job that we are not proud of. We put our all into every detail; from the smallest pillow to the largest china. We pride ourselves on a job well done. Most of all, we pride ourselves on a happy client.


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