When I first meet Mary I was taken back a little in a good way.

She’s a go getter……

Being an Interior Designer, I am constantly researching  and shopping for new vendors, craftsman, great deals and special services. That sometimes is impossible to find.

I was introduced to Mary by a very sweet lady, “SYLVIA”, whom I worked with back in 2006.

Mary was Sylvia’s supervisor at the time and Mary was very helpful and supportive with assisting Sylvia and I with special orders and deliveries.

From that day forward Mary became my main source and supplier for many furnishings, accessories and delivery services.

The importance of a deadline in our field of business is extremely important and Mary has never let me down on promised shipping and delivery dates, in fact she will do everything in her power to get the order to you on time.

For example: I had a deadline to finish up a grand kids bunk room for my clients and Mary was supplying  all of the furnishings. She encountered a delivery problem with mattresses that were ordered, so Mary and her partner Adam drove to the manufacturer, loaded them, and made sure that they were to me by my deadline….NOW THAT’S SPECIAL SERVICES…..

I respect Mary’s dedication, drive, and of course her spunky attitude.

Her client’s needs and wishes come first and that truly makes her a delight to work with.

Over the years I have enjoyed working with her and am looking forward to working with her on future projects.

Kathleen Horton
Blowing Rock, NC