Mary & Adam,


Where to begin…… In 2005 we began construction on a 56 unit condo project located on Lake Norris in TN.  We needed furnishings so we headed to North Carolina where we had purchased furniture before.  But this time we had the great pleasure of meeting Mary and Adam We explained to them what we where looking for as our goal was to set up one “Model” unit.  They devoted all of the time that we needed to make our selections and their patients with us was unbelievable.  That experience was so delightful for us we could not believe how lucky we were to have stumbled upon them.  Their kindness and generosity was unlike any other we had experienced before.


It was the best decision we made.  The condo looked GREAT and not only did they work with us on the model unit we began furnishing multiple units so we were able to offer turn key units.  When a condo was purchased and the buyer choose to make their own selections Mary and Adam listened to them and helped them accomplish exactly what they were looking for.  Every customer was so pleased with the support they received many have continued to use their expertise.


Not only have they furnished condo’s for us they have provided furniture for our lake house in Tennessee and ‘Model” homes that we have built in the state of Ohio as well.


They have met all 4 of our children, even a couple of our brothers.  And as always they treated them with the same care and kindness.   Plus, was able to provide them with wonderful furniture options.


To finish I would like to say that Mary and Adam are more then work partners to us we consider them to be “Great Friends”.  Every time we have the pleasure of going to North Carolina they greet us with open arms.  And when we need to work with them from a distance it is handled with the same great care.


Sometimes you never know were one decision is going to led you and in our case that first decision we made involving Mary and Adam is one we will never forget and are so thankful for.

Laura and Rick Clemens